Alba Iulia Fortress and Tărtăria Tablets
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Tour description
We propose two tourist attractions for a weekend route: Tărtăria tablets and the Fortress of Alba Iulia. Tărtăria tablets are three small and ancient clay objects fromTransylvania, in the town of Tărtăria. Tărtăria tablets were discovered in 1961 and are often cited in the sense that they might run for the oldest writing in the world.
Tărtăria Tablets
Alba Iulia Fortress - Gate III
Two tablets are perforated and covered with signs, and the third uses a purely pictographic writing method.
Alba Iulia Fortress - Gate III
The obelisk of Horea, Cloşca and Crişan
The city of Alba Iulia is the largest and valuable fortification in the Southeast Europe and was built in the first half of the eighteenth century.
Artillery weapons
Every Saturday at 12 PM, the guard change takes place
The fortress named Alba Carolina by the Austrians, was built shortly after the establishment of the Habsburg domination in Transylvania.
Roman Castrum
The Third Gate also called Carolina Superior Gate impressed us most because it is the triumphal gate of the fortress.
The guard from the fortress
Horses during training
Legion XIII Gemina was one of the two legions that remained on the conquered territory of Dacia. For most tourists the most interesting thing is the ceremonial of changing of the guard, which takes place daily at 12:00.
The scaffold
You can meet such guards throughout the fortress: they politely answer to your questions and agree to be photographed with tourists.
At the fortress the tourists can attend to the numerous demonstrations made by the legions.
The statue of the guard
The statue of Michael the Brave
The performance of XIII Gemina Legion
The performance of XIII Gemina Legion is unique and represents a real attraction for all tourists.
Most certainly you will spend a fantastic day if you decide to visit Alba Iulia and we strongly recommend visiting this unique fortress.